Valentine's day

Easy Valentine’s Day Cocktail

easy valentines day cocktail

Looking for a cute but super easy cocktail for your Galentine's or Valentine's Day Party? I have the Valentine's Day cocktail for you! Try this super Easy Valentine's Day Cocktail which is perfect if you need something last minute and is assured to impress your guests. What's great about this easy Valentine's Day Cocktail is that this can easily be made with any sparkling beverage[...]

Valentine’s day cocktail: Strawberry Moscow Mule

valentines day cocktails - strawberry moscow mule

Looking for a cute Valentine's Day Cocktail for your Valentine or Galentine's Day Party? I have the drink that will do just the trick. This Strawberry Moscow Mule was almost too cute to drink and perfect for any Valentine's Day Party! Ingredients: StrawberriesVodkaGinger BeerLimesSugarIceMint Leaves (Optional)Conversation Hearts (Optional) Let's make the Cutest Valentine's D[...]